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One of the "Wanxin" pig breeds
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产品名称: One of the "Wanxin" pig breeds

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1. Good palatability

Products use plasma protein powder, non-fat milk powder, anti-raw soybean protein concentrate, super steam fish meal, puffed corn, sugar and other nutritional factors that are beneficial to intestinal health and improve the development of immune organs.

Second, strong disease resistance

The product contains immunoglobulin, highly active beneficial microorganisms, which is beneficial to intestinal health, improves the disease resistance of suckling pigs, reduces physiological stress, and greatly reduces the rate of diarrhea in piglets.

3. Fast growth

The feed intake is more than 400g within one week after weaning. The compound enzyme and high conversion rate raw materials are added to ensure the high conversion rate of the suckling pigs after eating. The nutritional balance of various nutrients is balanced. Drop the fat.

Fourth, advanced technology

The raw materials are pretreated and then expanded before use. The production process uses secondary granulation, high-temperature ripening of raw materials, and low-temperature granulation to effectively avoid the destruction and loss of nutrients and improve the digestion and absorption rate.

product type

Teacher King: granules or powder, Wanxin high-grade 550 (powder), Wanxin 550 (granule), Wanxin on behalf of Rukang (granules), Wanxin Baoyukang (granules).


1. High nutrition, easy to digest;

2. High feed intake and good palatability, reducing weaning stress;

3. To prevent diarrhea of ​​weaned pigs, early weaning and weaning smoothly;

4. The daily weight gain is 300g, and the disease resistance is increased by 50%.

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